Strategic Thinking and Leadership Models

Dec 28, 2016 | 0 comments

Situation: The Senior Vice President (SVP) of a large Division saw the need for the Leadership Team, Vice Presidents (VP), to become more strategic and allow the next level down, Directors, to run the day to day business. Prior to the annual planning retreat, I worked with SVP to articulate his vision and then with the VPs about how to articulate their role, the Directors’ role and the thinking behind the strategy. For the first time the Directors were invited to the annual planning retreat. A facilitation plan for the retreat was developed and approved by the SVP and VPs. The facilitation plan included clearly defined purpose and outputs as well as structured meeting processes.

Meeting Purpose:

  • Present strategy and leadership operating model.
  • Build a foundation for the Leadership Team to serve in a more coaching and oversight role and the Directors to assume more responsibility for deployment of initiatives to fulfill the strategy and improve the business.
  • Have fun and engage in higher level of teamwork


Meeting Outputs:

  • Identified key leverage points to support the strategy
  • Gained an understanding of Division’s strengths and opportunities
  • Recommended a go-forward Directors’ leadership model
  • Strengthened the Leadership Team’s teamwork/common purpose